How it Works

How it Works


A Member from a team, business, or club meets with an All Sports employee then products and logos are discussed. All Sports then sets up an online Spirit Wear store for them. The store is usually open for 2 weeks but that can varry depending on the organization. Since we do all of our Screen Printing and embroidery in house here at All Sports we can get the products completed with the logo screen printed/embroidered on them in about a week. Then once all of the products are complete All Sports either gives them all to the organization for them to hand out or each customer picks up their orders individually. (shipping via UPS is coming soon) 



Spirit Wear Stores are completely free to set up. We give you our cost of the items, then you can mark them up as much as you please. The difference between our cost and your price is all of your profit. By setting up an All Sports Spirit Wear Store you eliminate the problem of over-ordering and under-selling products. All you have to do is pick the products that you want to sell and All Sports does the rest.

If you are interested in setting up a Spirit Wear store Contact All Sports.




The quickest and easiest way to pay for your orders is via Paypal or credit/debit card.

You can also call our store and we will accept credit card over the phone



All sales on customized products are final

for more information please contact All Sports